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Pullout is a simple casual game written in Python using Pyglet. The goal of each level is to earn certain amount of money catching lying objects with a special device. After ending each level you can buy some useful items which can help you to pass the next level. This game is free software and distributed under terms of MIT License.

Still under development.

Object's mass and cost are depend on its size and type. Available objects:

obj0 Gem Quite expensive and not very heavy
obj1 Stone Very cheap and heavy
obj2 Worm Moves from the one side to another. Very light and cheap
obj3 Pearlworm A moving worm with a very expensive thing on its back (but still very light)
obj4 Pearl The most expensive object in the game
obj5 Bag A bag with random item in it (from money to a bomb)
obj6 Bomb Immediately explodes when touched


Some development screenshots (at the second screen you can see a nice Python editor snaked):

scr09 scr12


All downloads are available here. You can also get the source code using Mercurial:

hg clone


You can track the development progress here. Please leave your bug reports and feature requests at the issue tracker.


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